Pantheon, Planes, and Powerful Beings


Magic Undead

"A summary of a general understanding of undead in the world, and how they come to exist." NECROMANCYNecromancy is the magical art of raising and controlling undead creatures through powerful manipulation of a body, a spirit or both. More powerful necromancy may solely target a spirit and have no need for a body for its ends. Necromancy is used on targets for the necromancer to raise and control, however there are spells that target the caster themself thereby turning themselves into more powerful undead. Necromancy may be achieved through either clerical or arcane spells. RAISING UNDEADIn order to have an...

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Fae Gods

"A general summary of the Fae, how they came to be, and how they function, as a source of common knowledge of them." EXISTENCE OF FAEFae are magical beings that either came into existence because they were first created by the gods, or because they themselves were preordained to exist. The Fae themselves claim they have nothing to do with the gods and often work to counter or convert followers of gods. How Fae come into being is a matter of speculation. No known methods of creating a next generation have been substantiated. FAE VARIATIONSFae are as complex as any...

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Planes of Existence

Divine Planes

"A summary to explain the existence of different planes within existence at large, in very general terms." EXISTENCE OF PLANESPlanes exist in all forms and manners, each exemplifying a particular aspect. Most every plane has creatures indigenous to it that embody that aspect of the plane they belong to. Though interconnected these realms appear to exist in unison with one another and portals or other magics are required to go from one to another. These planes are all separated by what is called The Veil, also referred to as The Curtain. Whichever plane a creature is indigenous to, referred to...

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Gods and the Pantheon

Divine Gods

"A summary of the Pantheon, how they interact with the world, and how they function altogether." FIRST AMONG THE GODSFirst among the gods, Elieff emerged from the veil precisely when they were meant to; only they know when or if they will return to it. With their far reaching divinity they used their mastery of light and dark power to craft the High Gods from the very fabric of the Veil, first of their children and heirs to their throne. The gods created are complicated, harnessing both light and darkness within them as a result. Thus began the true formation...

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Dragons Gods

"A summary and general understanding of dragons in the world, and how they vary, along with their interactions with mortals." EXISTENCE OF DRAGONSDragons are either as old as the mortal plane, or nearly as old as Fae, no one knows for certain. Nevertheless they are amongst the oldest known beings on Ariel, renowned for their ability to fly, size, and raw, innate power. The sheer strength and powerful nature of dragons may explain the lengthy and resilient incubation time required for dragon eggs to hatch their children, the shell of the egg similar to the scales of the dragons themselves. DRAGON...

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