Historic Tales

The Rending of Atha

Written by Alana  The Rending of Atha By Bentan Wobbleroot, Proud Gnome and Collector of Historical Anecdotes In my time as a researcher and hobbyist traveller, I have come across many cultures and their stories. One that seems consistent across those that I have encountered is the story of Hetlentys.  This is the best theory that I have found supports the idea that “The Tear” did indeed occur and that “This Tear” was a cataclysmic event.  The gnomes of Splishenfellow, the elders along the ocean shores in particular, have passed this story onto their younger ones. Due to the political...

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The Tale of the Tear

The Tale of the Tear Listen to the fable of this happening rare, My children I’ll tell you the tale of The Tear. Petty bickering Gods, in their anger they threw Their wrath down on our world and scorched it anew Apenca she wailed to see such a sight, Her new fledgling mortals did suffer that night.   The cultures they’d built, cities of renown Came rumbling, tumbling, crumbling down.   Stasa was thrilled, what a great deadly day, Poor Jerroh was busy, ferrying lost souls away. Blythe took advantage, and spread his disease, Atha rooted herself, Beldon tended his...

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