Fantasy Alive and Dice Adventures

Corrupt Corridors

There are many crypts, caves, and assorted creepy lairs around Yorik, and few go untouched for long. What treasures must await in a tomb so long sealed? Now may be a rare chance to find out.
One of the nearby Tombs, sealed more thoroughly than most has begun to speak. All who approach the tomb now hear the same message. “Our demons are never bested, only closited as skeletons. So long is still too soon, for I fear you now bear our burden. And so this capsule opens for you. May its tokens aid your deeds to come. Hurry now. Your time is short”

And indeed your time may be short, since there are already rumors of a man dressed in a dark cloak entering the tomb some hours ago.

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The Mansion that Was

Farmer Bob is asking for some help. A clearing he walks by every night suddenly has a mansion there that wasn’t there last night and it’s giving him a creepy feeling. He’s looking for brave people to investigate.

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