Fantasy Alive and Dice Adventures

Guidance - Part 2

The same spirit floats through town again. Calling out in a whisper to anyone who will listen “... please help… last chance… no return, no rest… please…”

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Wendy Carl's Love is in the Air

Wendy Carl has been growing ever concerned about the circumstances surrounding her time here. As luck would have it, her fiancé Klaern Ralona has invited her and guests to dinner. He has asked what food and drink all who are coming may enjoy. Wendy however, is hesitant to go alone.

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Trails of a Strange Hunting Grounds

With the pressing concerns of the Undead in the surrounding area, it has become increasingly important to hunt and forage. As of late however, there have been increasingly strange corpses left behind.

Having found fragments of Lazlo’s old work, an aspiring Alchemist/Herbalist is trying to create their own monsters.

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The Real Treasure is the Friends We Lost Along the Way

While wandering outside of town you come across a cave. You could have sworn it wasn’t there before. You notice a blue glow coming from deeper inside. What curious conundrums, creepy crawlies, or corrupt criminals are contained by this cryptic cavity?

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The Tower

Hired to attack a dungeon of traps, puzzles, and monsters to find the evil wizard within. What knowledge or treasures does he possess?

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