Rot in Yorik - 3 Part Adventure

Combat-Heavy Investigation-Light Multi-Part Plot-Doug Plot-Sorin Puzzles-None Role-Play-Light Search and Destroy Stealth-Possible

There are pockets of undead still lingering in the Yorik area.  The source of them could be any one of the many enemies of the town, but either way, they need to go.  Your group has heard word of one such gathering of undead and are heading out to go make sure they stay dead this time. 

Note: This is a Multiple Variation adventure. Each part of this adventure is a single FA&D session and can be run by the same group at any time. Please include the variation Part # when selecting your session adventure.

The Set-up:

Plot Member Running Doug, Sorin
Session Length (approx) 3-4 hours
Max Participants 6
Available Positions Group


Adventure Style:

Combat Heavy
Puzzle None
Role-Play Light
Investigation Light
Stealth Possible
Additional Tags: Search and Destroy, Multiple Variations


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