Free the Bird and Cage the Corrupt

Breach Combat-Heavy Combat-Light Investigation-Light Plot-Doug Role-Play-Light Stealth-Heavy Stealth-Light

Free the Bird and Cage the Corrupt

How the undead and infernal have been passing the barrier has come to light. Now to make Yorik safe again, the brave must seek out the source in the Undercity. There are two parts to this mod and they will be run back to back, with actions in one adventure directly affecting the other. Both adventures must succeed if the Twins’ plan is to be foiled.

NOTE: These two Adventures are being run as if they are happening around the same time. So no player may participate in both Sessions.

Part 1 will run at 7pm on Oct 31st and Part 2 will start at midnight

Plot Member Running Doug
Session Length (approx) 4 hours
Max Participants 8 per session


Adventure Style:

Combat Light or Heavy
Puzzle None
Role-Play Light
Investigation Light
Stealth Light or Heavy
Additional Tags: Undercity, Sneak or Fight


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