Artifact Investigation

Combat-Possible Investigation-Heavy Ongoing Investigation Plot-Ian Puzzle-Heavy Role-Play-Medium Stealth-None Trade Skill Use

A representative of the Guild Arcane has discovered something… interesting. But before it can return to the Guildhouse in Deepwood, it must be determined to be safe for transport and storage. And maybe figure out what it actually is in the process! It currently sits in the Yorik node awaiting anyone interested in studying it and using any skill they have.

NOTE: This mod will be available until fully completed. Each session will investigate the object and the results will be cataloged. Once all possible results are found, this FA&D session will be complete and no longer available. Discussions on this mod may be done on the IG boards freely.

The Set-up

Plot Member Running Ian
Session Length (approx) 4 hours
Max Participants 6
Available Positions Group or Individual 


Adventure Type:

Combat None or Light
Puzzle Heavy
Role-Play Moderate
Investigation Heavy
Stealth None
Additional Tags: Heavy Magic and Trade Skill use, Testing with mixed results, Ongoing Investigation.


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