Fantasy Alive and Dice Adventures

Infernal Intrigue (the Fallen Keep)

A new posting can be found on the board in The Green Pony. The page is noticeably larger than it need be to contain the small message written upon it. 

“Demon hunters wanted. Brains AND brawn preferred. Silver advised. The work pays for itself, but compensation is available.


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Wendy Carl's Love is in the Air

Wendy Carl has been growing ever concerned about the circumstances surrounding her time here. As luck would have it, her fiancé Klaern Ralona has invited her and guests to dinner. He has asked what food and drink all who are coming may enjoy. Wendy however, is hesitant to go alone.

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Garden Guardians

A harried monk carrying a wooden amulet with a symbol of an oak tree on it comes into the tavern looking for help. He says he received a threat on sacred land and needs brave adventurers to help defend it. Use your knowledge of tactics and trap setting as well as your skill in combat to help him and he promises whatever reward he can provide.

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Trails of a Strange Hunting Grounds

With the pressing concerns of the Undead in the surrounding area, it has become increasingly important to hunt and forage. As of late however, there have been increasingly strange corpses left behind.

Having found fragments of Lazlo’s old work, an aspiring Alchemist/Herbalist is trying to create their own monsters.

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Bread and Circuses

With their recent rental of land in the area, two individuals known as Ianro and Naekas Mornya have constructed a maze and wish to be entertained by brave adventurers. They have set up a potentially deadly arena.

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