Pre-Made Characters


Warrior, mercenary, soldier, the Fighter is a character who relies on their skill with their weapon to survive the dangerous lands and even use that skill to earn some coin along the way.

Starting Equipment: 1 Longsword, 10 AP Leather and/or Chain armour, 50 cp.

Alternate Options:

  1. Different starting weapon type: Axe, Mace or Spear.
  2. Replace Disarm Skill or Parry Skill with Shield skill. Start with a Buckler.








Thief, assassin, scout, the Rogue uses stealth, speed and wits to make their way in the world. A silver tongue or a knife in the back, whatever works.

Starting equipment: 2 Daggers, 6 AP Leather armour, 50 cp.

Alternate Options:

  1. 1 Short Sword instead of a Dagger
  2. Replace Knockout with Two Weapons and start with 2 Short Swords instead of 2 Daggers







Wizard, arcaner, wielder of magic, the Mage has studied the flow of magic through the world, learning to harness that power to do strange and wonderful effects. Using only their force of will and mental acuity, they can protect themselves, cause others to erupt into flame or divine the mysteries of magic itself.

Starting equipment: 1 Spellbook, 4 Spells (listed), staff or club, 50 cp.

Alternate Options:

  1. Trade any spell for one of these alternates:
    1. Lend Health: “With Will and Mind I Lend Health, 2 LP!” Heals target 2 LP. Costs 2 ME.
    2. Mystic Robes: “With Will and Mind I summon Mystic Robes, 4 AP!” Provides 4 Armour Points (AP) for 24 hours. Costs 3 ME.
    3. Repair: “With Will and Mind I now Repair!” Fixes any item which has been Shattered. Costs 4 ME.
    4. Repulse: “With Will and Mind Repulse!” Causes the target to move 10 feet directly away from the caster. Costs 2 ME.





Priest, monk, paladin, the Cleric has chosen to devote themselves to a cause represented by a deity. That devotion could lead the cleric to wage war upon the evils in the world, seek to protect and heal the innocent, bring glory to the sun or sky or nearly any other possible goal.

Starting equipment: 1 Mace, 1 Shrine, a Holy Symbol of Clovis (god of protection, redemption and battling evil), 50 cp.

Alternate Options:

  1. Other suggested deities and spells:
    1. Anajaream, god of luck, chaos and chance.
      1. Disarm: “By way of chance Disarm <Item>!” Causes the item specified to be dropped from the target’s hand. Costs 3 SE.
      2. Extinguish: “By way of chance Extinguish!” Puts out any small light source. Costs 0 SE.
  • Magic Stone: “By way of chance Magc Stone, 1 Magic!” Causes 1 Magic-type damage to the target. Costs 0 SE.
  1. Atha, goddess of the earth and plants.
    1. Retains Lend Health Spell
    2. Pin: “With earthen patience I Pin!” Causes the target’s right foot to be stuck to the ground. Costs 3 SE.
  • Thorn Staff: “With earthen patience I form a Thorn Staff!” Add +1 damage to the target staff for 1 encounter. Costs 4 SE.
  1. Strega, goddess of dragons, ambition and greed.
    1. Repulse: “With power and greed Repulse!” Causes the target to move 10 feet directly away from the caster. Costs 1 SE.
    2. Arcane Dart: “With power and greed Arcane Dart, 2 Magic!” Causes 2 Magic-type damage to the target. Costs 1 SE.
  • Detect Magic: “With power and greed I Detect Magic!” The caster can call “Detect Magic” for 1 minute or until another skill or spell is used. All players with active magic call “Here.” Costs 3 SE.