Fantasy Alive has a number of policies in place that must be adhered to. For the most part these policies are simply common sense.
They are in place to protect both our site and the safety and well being of our members. Failure to comply with these policies can
result in the revocation of membership and privileges.

a. Age Restriction
The minimum age required to participate at any Fantasy Alive event is 18 years of age. All players must sign and submit an insurance
release in order to play. Any player under the age of 18 MUST receive permission to participate from the owner directly (See
Contact Information).
Regardless we expect all players to be mature enough to appreciate the importance of conducting themselves in safe manner. It is
important that all players understand the inherent dangers involved and do not place themselves or others at risk. Chasing
people through the dark woods, climbing trees, or traversing ravines, though usually harmless, can be very dangerous if people
are not respectful of their environment.

b. Townsfolk
These are people who are at the event for atmosphere and practical services only. Townsfolk are often merchants (of real wares not
in-game items), tavern staff, performers, and other general townsfolk. These players are not active in the game and do not carry
weapons. At their request these players are not interested in physical combat. Townsfolk can still be interacted with and can
occasionally acquire in-game items, through tips, role-playing, theft, gifts, etc.
Whenever you come across another player who is unarmed you are to treat them as townsfolk. Fantasy Alive appreciates the
presence of these individuals and encourages them to come and participate.

c. Combat Weapons
It is imperative that all weapons, armour, and shields are safe. You MUST check ALL your weapons with the weapons marshal at EVERY
event you attend. Some times a weapon will break, or degrade into an unsafe state, during an event. If this occurs the weapon is
considered broken (in-game and out-of-game) and cannot be used until repaired.
This is particularly true for arrows, often in the rush of combat arrows can be stepped upon or broken. Anyone firing a bow is
responsible for ensuring that ever arrow fired is in safe condition. Any arrows which are "damaged but still functional" must NOT be used.

d. Illegal Substances
Illegal substances and/or drugs are not permitted on site at all. Anyone caught possessing, using, or under the effects of an illegal
substance will be escorted of the premises. This rule is strictly enforced and nonnegotiable.

e. Smoking
Smoking is only allowed by those players over the age of nineteen, and is only permitted outdoor when within 10* of a campfire.
When smoking players are automatically considered to be out of game and may not enter combat unless the cigarette is
PROPERLY discarded. Disposing of cigarette butts anywhere except in a designated campfire site is forbidden, as this litters the
site as well as being a fire hazard. These rules are strictly enforced.

f. Ontario human rights Code
All players are expected to behave in compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. Infractions won*t be tolerated.

h. Fire Regulations
Campfires are only allowed in designated fire pits. Also any local or municipal fire bans or restrictions must be followed.

i. Litter
Please put all your garbage in a bag and bring it up to the logistics office at the end of the event. We*ll dispose of it for you, just don*t
leave it lying at your campsite for animals to get into. It*s very simple to keep your campsite or cabin clean and we don*t think it*s
a lot to ask. Clean campers are HIGHLY appreciated by both other players and the staff.

j. Religion
In past versions of our game Fantasy Alive / Glare has abstained from using religion. After discussing this with players we have found
that the majority of them would prefer to have clerical factors included in the game. Now that we have added religious factors
into our game, we would like to stress that none of the views found in our game are taken in a serious context and are complete
fantasy; they have been made as dissimilar to popular religions as possible to avoid offending anyone.