July 21st, 2017

To encourage and help new players join our great game and community, Fantasy Alive is now offering some new player starting packages! These packages are for players creating their very first PC and details on it can be found here.

About us...
What makes Fantasy Alive different from other LARP games?
This is difficult question to answer, there are many LARP games and systems, and all share at least some similarities.

The answer we hear most from new players, is "the people." We are very proud of our long time players, and how they have helped us
make Fantasy Alive an inviting place for new players to feel welcome and participate.

Some of the most notable differences we have tried hard to implement are listed below:
Character development: Fantasy Alive is a classless system. Players can direct their character*s growth in any direction. Not to mention,
the countless opportunities for political and social growth.
Realism: While high-level characters do gain amazing talents, they never become invulnerable. In the right circumstances, a clever new
player can still find ways to best their powerful rivals.
Working economics: Gold and treasure are always needed, and not just a system for accumulation, or experience rewards. Almost
every aspect of the characters lives will require or earn coins in our fluctuating economy.
Balanced Mechanics: Long time players do not end up with powers that create imbalances in game play. There is no need for
complete restarts every couple of seasons; as high-leveled PC*s become unstoppable.
Low "out of game" Politics: While in-game political battle is encouraged, it is not tolerated out of game. There is no "boy*s club" of plot
members who favor certain PC*s or situations. New recruits have the same opportunities as old friends of the game presenters.
Flexibility: Our most important concern is the satisfaction of our members, when flaws in the rules are found they are fixed. When a
problem arises, we will bend backwards to fix it.