Experienced New Players

So you know what you’re doing! Great!

Feel free to take advantage of Fantasy Alive’s ability to fully customize your character!


Check out our New Character Builder here!



  • Send base character information:
    • Character name
    • Race (Please read note below)
    • Age
  • Start with 30 Skill Points
  • Starting equipment based on skills purchased. (i.e. Buy 1h Swords and start with a Long sword)
    • Just include a list of what equipment you would like that matches your skills and this will be finalized with Logisitics
  • Ogre Chips (OC) may be used to add to the total starting Skill Points.

Note: If you wish to play a race other than Human on your first event, please speak to the a New Player Rep (fa.newplayer@gmail.com). They will help to explain the Class system setup in Fantasy Alive and the role-play aspects of that.

Please send all of your character information to Logistics (fantasy.alive.logistics@gmail.com) prior to an event if possible to ensure a quick entrance into the game.

Following a new player’s first event as a character, they may choose to keep their current character or may also re-mort their character as outlined in the Fantasy Alive Rulebook on page 7. The character in either option will maintain their 30 Skill Points and also keep any XP earned from their first event.

New players are encouraged to follow our Facebook Page and join our Facebook Groups (Fantasy Alive LARP and Fantasy Alive: In Game). Our members are very friendly, and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

We have a team dedicated to assisting our new players. They can offer assistance designing your first character, offer ideas on building or purchasing supplies such as costume, weapons, and armour, answer any questions you might have, and even help with introductions when you arrive at your first event. To contact our new player welcome team, simply send them an email at: fa.newplayer@gmail.com


We look forward to seeing new all your new faces at our game!