Between Event Action System


In order to help the Plot Team manage their duties as well as the rest of their responsibilities (both for and outside the game), Fantasy Alive is instituting a system for requesting in-between game interactions. This is designed to better define the responsibilities of a Plot Member as well as assist them in balancing the requests from Players.

Below is the system we will require all Players to follow when sending in an email to

  • You may email each Plot Member one time per active character to cover any between-event actions. This email may contain multiple actions.
  • If you are unsure which Plot Member to email, please send a email with this format:
    • Subject: Plot Contact Request
      Body: Please respond with the name of the Plot Member who I should send the email to for this thing I want to do: <Single sentence quickly describing plot/mod>
  • All submitted emails must follow the template / examples below for each action
  • Each character can have up to 1 between event actions per week which passes between events.
  • Plot will respond once per email received. Rolling dialogues or actions should be addressed at events.
  • Please be specific with your request, your information and the response you’re looking for from Plot.
  • Emails received at least 12 days before the event will be guaranteed a response before the event.
  • Emails received between 12 and 5 days before the event MIGHT be responded to, but will at least be considered for any IG actions at the event.
  • Emails received after 5 days before the event will not be responded to and will most likely not result in any IG consideration at the event.
  • Players may request between game RP with Plot members, but Plot members may decline at their discretion.


Email to Plot Template

To sort your request to the appropriate person with ease and clarity, please format your subject this way:

<plot member> / <character> / <subject>

Body of Email:
List your character’s actions, in order, with appropriate notes:

<Action> / <Place> / <NPCs> / Timestamp (if applicable)
Detailed information or description:
Desired result/response from Plot:
Amount of downtime offered for action:
Resources used or requesting:


Example 1

Plotty McPlotterson / Yihnm / Researching at Library

Body of Email:

Researching / Duke’s Library / Librarian / Wednedsay Dec 20th, morning
Detailed information or description: Yihnm is walking to the Duke’s library and requesting to do research on the local toad population. He offers a copy of his treatise on the while speckled toad in exchange for the opportunity to look at books about amphibians.
If allowed, he will research from the tomes and manuscripts offered, not wandering around or otherwise causing mischief.
Coming back day after day, if needed, he will look through every manuscript and tome offered. Upon completing the offered material he will thank the Librarian and leave the Library.
Desired result/response from Plot: Please advise if Yihnm is allowed to access the library and what Yihnm finds regarding local amphibians and toads.
Amount of downtime offered for action: 8 hours to start. But up to 40 hours if necessary.
Resources used or requesting: Spellbook x1, Quill and Ink x1


Example 2

Platricia El’Plot / Magus Oldman / Yelling at Neighbor

Body of Email:

Tossing Insults / Cave in the Wilderness / Magus Oldman / Every time there is a large explosion coming from the cave.

Detailed information or description: As Magus’ Oldman’s neighbour Sven is constantly kept awake by the Magus’ experiments. Throughout the month Sven will wage a verbal war on Magus Oldman every time the place goes boom.
Desired result/response from Plot: I would be delighted in roleplay regarding this situation from Greg as Magus Oldman or other NPCs.

Amount of downtime offered for action: 40 hours
Resources used or requesting: None.



Please note that this is an attempt to organize the emails sent to Plot. Should we decide that aspects of this system need to change, then updates to this system will be posted as needed.