August 16 – 18, 2019 Event

Welcome to the Green Faire!

For this event, you are welcome to attend as a PC (like normal) or join us as a Townsfolk! Joining us as a Townfolk follows the normal rules (no skills or XP gained) and is free of charge! And you can of course participate in Faire Events, just like PCs can.

We are also excited to have underage adventurers joining us. Young adventurers can participate in events just for them for free. We do ask that underage guests have a guardian with them.

For children ages 4 to 8, there will be programs from 10am to 5pm and the guardian must stay with the child at all times.

For adventurers 8 to 17 programs will be from 10 am to 5 pm. The guardian is not required to be with them at all times, but we do request that you assist with some activities.

Everyone attending must wear appropriate costume. Feel free to ask if you’re not sure what that involves. We may also be able to provide some costumes by loan if you’re not able to find something.

Meals will be served around 9am, 2pm and 8pm. Each meal is $10, or $5 for young adventurers. This can be paid online by PayPal or etransfer, or by cash on site.

Fantasy Alive Event Payment
Single Meal, Rental, Site #

Use the Pay-Pal Button below to Donate to the FA PIN Fund for OC! Or you can send in an e-transfer to!

This year’s vendors:
Crystals and Quirks will have a supply of light up crystals. You can see her wares at
Daisy Design offers a variety of accessories and other artistic creations. Check her out at
Fantastic Creations will be bringing an assortment of armour, accessories and LARP-safe Weapons. You can find out more about them at
Galaxy Teas will offer a variety of loose leaf teas. You can get a sneak peek at their offers at
Iron Phoenix Armoury will be offering hand made leather and metal accessories. You can find them at
Magpie Costumes brings a variety of hand sewn garb and accessories for all occasions. You can get a peek at her wares at
The Maille Women offer a variety of leather and maille accessories. Take a peek at their creations at
The Stone Nymph offers a variety of stone and semi-precious jewellery
Playerbase will bring a variety of accessories as well as cloth and plate armour. You may have known them as Lubbz Merch, and you can check them out at
Valkyrie Custom Wear is bringing in a variety of fantasy and medieval-inspired clothing like cloaks and dresses. You can see her store at

Moldy Crow Curios will be offering printed and embroidered symbols of the Pantheon as well as some official Fantasy Alive Merch! Check him our at

We are also looking forward to hosting a Goblin Market, Toronto Extra Life and a performance by Yorik’s Bards – Eclectic Revival!

Events at the Faire!

Noble or Honour Duels: A chance for grievences to be settled, honour to be won or lost and great warriors to show who is superior! Bring your best moves as the spectators expect fights to echo through the ages!
1 on 1 Tournament: A tournament for anyone to join. Battle one-on-one and advance your way to the top! Only one can claim the championship!
4 on 4 Tournament: Teams battling teams to see who’s team-work makes their dream work!
Elf Slap Fight: Are you an elf? Do you have a vicious open hand strike? Cheeks of Steel? You better if you hope to handle this competition!
Grand Melee: One big battle to end it all! Anything goes! Use everything you’ve got to see who is the last standing!
Caster Duels: Bring your Arcane and Divine talents and see how you stand up against your fellow casters! In this duel only magic is allowed!
Archery Contest: Come test your aim with bow and arrow! Targets available for all skill!
Trap Course: Can you avoid the traps, collect the treasure and aim a catapult? (Yes, we did say catapult!) Test your skill and see how well you fare as a Mechanic!
Dunk Tank: Ever want to drop a fancy person into a vat of cold, cold water? We’ll line up our fanciest people for your amusement!
Kids 8 and under: Our youngest adventurers will be treated to some fun activities and the chance to save the day!
Kids 9 – 16: You can become an apprentice hero, learning the ways of the warrior and the world while defeating evil.
Running Race: Fleet of foot? The Messenger Guild is looking for their next star delivery person!
Tea Social: Come relax and enjoy some tea and treats, and maybe even a late night snack!
Tournament Refreshments: Cool drinks will be available from our bartenders next to the Faire for a reasonable fee. (IG coin only, no $ required)

Sign up for the events (or offer to help us out running the Faire) by using the form here!