Pre-Log Excel sheet update!

Hello fellow Heroes!

We’re excited to announce an update to the Fantasy Alive Pre-Log / Registration Sheet. Use this for a Complex Log once the Event Registration Form has been filled out.


Click Here for Download


In this version we have updated/fixed:


Added Gambeson & MC Gambeson to Merchant Tab
Added Netralizing Paste to Merchant Tab
Made ‘Skills Purchased’ in Results Tab somewhat easier to read
Added 15:1 OC conversion to OC Tab
Added Gambeson & MC Gambeson to Basic Log Tab
Added Items/Services purchased with OC to OC/XP Tab
Added Database Info
Added downtime Merchant calculations to Results Tab
Corrected Downtime Result Calculations
Corrected Money owing/owed Results Calculation
Corrected naming Range in Basic Log: re – Wonder Tonic Mixture

Added ‘Baron’ Class to pull-down menu

Corrections to Merchant sheet – Item counts, group selection