Changes to XP!

Along with other improvements to the game, we have been looking at the XP system to see how we can make it better for Players and  Logistics. Here are the changes that we think will be better that we’ve implemented as of our April 6th, 2018 event:

  1. Blanket XP amount has been raised from 35 XP to 45 XP.
  2. The Combat XP categories for Remaining “in character” at all times, Role-playing character conditions, and Role-playing the effects of magic and combat have been removed from use.
  3. The number of possible Marshal XP Bonus slots has been raised from 5 per event to 10 per event.

This is being done as the role-play quality of all the Players at game has gotten to the point where the Combat XP categories were simply maxed out by pretty much all Players every game. So rather than continuing with those constant values, we decided to merge them into the Blanket XP and allow for more possibilities for the fun personal entries of Marshal XP.


Thanks for being part of our game!