October 5-7 Event

Deep in the Dark

Seeking something long-since lost will be necessary to survive the wrath of Sasha and her allies. Will Yorik come together to escape unscathed, or will its people divide and fall? Come play Fantasy Alive in early October to test your resolve and the mettle of your friends!


THIS IS A DOUBLE XP/OC EVENT!!! All XP & OC earned will be doubled for this event only. OC can also be purchased for 2:1 ogre chips. (Ogre chips are usually purchased as a 1:1 ratio. 1 OC for $1. In this case you can spend $1 and get 2 OC)
This even extends to the Bonus OC you get for Pre-Paying! So use our Pay-Pal link below or send in an e-transfer to fantasy.alive.owners@gmail.com!
All Bonus OC earned can be used in addition to the usual cap. So pre-pay for the event this week and get extra OC you can apply to your character right now!



Use the Pay-Pal Button below to Donate for OC! Or you can send in an e-transfer to fantasy.alive.owners@gmail.com!