July 6-8: All’s Faire in Love and War


It’s that time of year again!

At Fantasy Alive’s Event: All’s Faire in Love and War, the Fae will once again invade our beloved town of Yorik to cause mayhem and excitement – A variety of competitions and events with a few twists and surprises in store – What else can you expect from Fae!?


A reminder that we’ll be hosting a Kid-Friendly time during our Faire!

Children under the age of 18 will be welcome on site from 9:30am – 6:30pm. Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times and will not be allowed within 10 feet of combat. More details will be posted, but we’ll have lots of activities for families to enjoy, including: Scavenger Hunt, Crafts, Story Time and not one, but TWO Mods!

Thinking of bringing your mini adventurer? Then please let us know through email (fantasy.alive.logistics@gmail.com) or through comments on our Facebook posts! We’d rather prepare for a “Probably No”, instead of not having enough loot for everyone.

Full details on the Kid-Friendly time are below!



Here are the details! Any questions can be directed to the Owners (Doug & Ian) or our Plot Member Carolyn.

– “Children” refers to a minor on site who is under the age of 16.
– All Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.
– Adults with children ages 10 and under, if you could please bring a set of “cast blacks” in order to help with the final mod of the day, that would be greatly appreciated!
– Children ages 10 and under are not required to wear a purple non-combat headband.
– Children ages 11-16 must be wearing a purple non-combat headband.
– All adults accompanying children must be wearing a purple non-combat headband. (If multiple parents on site, then only one needs to be the designated purple-headband. Parents can trade who is designated, so long as it happens outside of combat)
– Children, and their accompanying adult, should not be within 20 feet of combat.
– We’ll have the following activities set up for you to visit whenever you want throughout the day: Packet Toss, Scavenger Hunt, & Crafts (Mask, Crow, & Shield decorating).
– Children ages 11 – 16 will be given a spell list they can cast throughout the day.

Schedule of Events
**Note, all mod starting times are a rough estimate.

9:30am – Children allowed on site

10am – Meet and Greet with Mirasol the Fay! Get your face painted and receive your Scavenger Hunt Map. We’ll also be explaining the spell list for our 11-16 year olds. (Location: Church of All Gods)

11:30am – Mod #1: Show off your adventuring skills and complete Mirasol’s “Hero Obstacle Course”. (Location: Meet at Church of All Gods, mod to be held in Atha Grove)

Lunch (Time dependent on Kitchen) – Come join us for a picnic! There’ll be blankets to sit on, and while you eat Mirasol will read “How The Moon Regained Her Shape” (Location: Node Field, in the shade)

4:30pm – Mod #2:
10 and Under: Ninja’s have brainwashed your parents! How do we get them back? Douse them with Water Balloons!
11 – 16: Learn to fight! We’ll provide you with weapons, and targets… I mean, teachers.
(Location for both: Meet at Tavern, we’ll proceed to NPC camp together.)

6:30pm – Children off-site, thanks for coming!