Changes to Event Prices, Membership & Registration – Stuff You Should Know!


Hello Fantasy Alive Players!

We’d really like everyone to pre-register for every event, so we’re doing something CRAZY!
Starting right now you can pre-register for your event and get bonuses!

4+ weeks before the event – $50 + 50 Bonus OC!
3 weeks before the event – $50 + 25 Bonus OC!
2 weeks before the event – $55 + 12 Bonus OC!
The week of the event – $60 (Zero bonus OC).

as a special treat, OC earned through pre-payment may be spent on your character or loot without counting toward the cap on XP or Coin!

For those checking their calendars, the deadlines for our next event are..

April 22nd at midnight (or before) and you pay $50 (and get 50 bonus OC).
May 6th at midnight (or before… but after April 22nd) and you pay $50 (and get 25 bonus OC).
From May 7th to the Event – Pay $60 and scrub the bonus OC.

Anyone with the Year Pass or using a Flex Pass will automatically get the max 50 Bonus OC for every event counted as part of the pass until their pass is used up.

For those planning to attend for our Half-Event fee (12 hours of game, Half of the total XP earned), here’s that structure:

4+ weeks before the event – $30 + 25 Bonus OC!
3 weeks before the event – $30 + 12 Bonus OC!
2 weeks before the event – $35 + 5 Bonus OC!
The week of the event – $40 (Zero bonus OC).

Same treat, just half the size..  this OC also does not count toward your cap on XP or Coin.

This price change now automatically includes the previous late fee. So there are no additional fees involved.

MEMBERSHIP –  For legal and insurance reasons we have to reinstate the mandatory requirement for our players to have a Membership. This will be the same fee of $20 for a year.  All existing Memberships will continue on as normal.


Regular registration will be open from the time XP emails are sent out (soon!) to Midnight on Monday May 7th. During this time all options for your character are available (downtime use, skill purchase, working for a living, Convert OC, etc.) New players are able to fully customize their new characters.

After Monday May 7th until Midnight on Wednesday May 9th, registration will be available but be limited to only Working for a Living, Working for a Cause, OC conversion and skill purchases. New players must have fully created character only sent to log or select a new player Starting Package.

Any registrations for the event received after Wednesday May 9th up to Logistics on site will not be able to purchase skills and all downtime will be spent earning income to not receive or give any coin at Log. New players will be required to use one of the Starting Packages with no variations.

We hope you’ll all enjoy our new plans and keep checking our website and Facebook page as more fun and interesting things are on the way!